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You're my best friend,
You're my partner in crime,
We've got a groovy kind of love,
That will stand the test of time.
When I wish upon a star
I do not have to look too far
'cause sitting right next to me
shining bright and true
is the loveliest star I ever knew.
You're sweet like chocolate
Intoxicating like wine,
I'm smitten by you,
Be my valentine?
Cashews and almonds are nuts,
I am one too,
Because I go completely nutty,
Whenever I'm with you.
The day I saw you,
I started believing in love at first sight,
Now I can't get my eyes off you,
You make my world more bright.
I haven't said it before,
but you know it's true
My heart melts like Silk,
When I'm with you.
Roses are red,
Silk is sweet,
Being with you,
makes me complete.
I will give you my heart,
You can keep it forever,
But when I give you a Silk,
Let's share it together.

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